iceland. easily my favorite country i have ever had the pleasure of visiting, hence why i keep coming back. 

as david & i rounded out the last leg of our trip, we met up with friends philipp & aaron in iceland to roam around for about five days or so. now, iceland is one of those places where it doesn't matter how long you're there, because you will still never have enough time to see all that you want to see and do all that you want to do.  however, we definitely packed a lot into this short week on the south coast!

one of the main reasons we came to iceland was for philipp and i to work on a video project for an apparel brand called albion fit. you guys may remember when i worked with them this summer in bermuda! fantastic company, and we had a blast shooting for them! because of this, our days began early and ended late, as we ran around with cameras and video cameras and drones galore capturing the scene. while this lifestyle can be very tiring at times, i truly wouldn't have it any other way!

some of my highlight places from this trip were glacier lagoon, seljavallalaug, fjaorargljufur, and our thorsmork trek with midgard adventure. first off, good luck trying to pronounce any of those names, haha. we just stayed on the south coast of the country this time around and there is seriously so much to see that we didn't even scratch the surface. so my pro tips for iceland would be, stay as long as you can, rent a car that can handle the tougher terrain (we had a landrover from blue car rental and it was perfect!), and be sure to seize every moment of the day! there is so much beauty literally everywhere you look!

oh, one more pro tip before i sign off...iceland is super expensive & the food is not a quality time. except reykjavik roasters in downtown reykjavik. they are great. shout out to them.

thank you guys so much for following along the #iendedupineurope trip. it was truly the trip of a lifetime with too many memories to count. until next time, keep creating, keep exploring, aaaaand go to europe. the end. 

paris, france

ahhh paris, what an incredibly beautiful city. there is something so magical about this place, and you can just feel it when you're there. i think out of all the places we went, i miss paris the most. i really hope to go back soon!

some highlights for me were the architecture, the cafe's, and the alleyways (if you read my london blog, clearly i have a thing for alleyways). i was so in awe of every building i saw in paris. just thinking about the fact that someone made all of the intricate details of each structure is honestly mind-blowing. if there's one thing you do in paris, it should just be walking around & taking it all in! it will not disappoint!

my favorite places we went were obviously the eiffel tower, the louvre, palais royal, montmartre, arc de triumph, the river ahhhh so many places! we spent every sunset at the eiffel tower, and it just got even more beautiful as time went on! pro tip: if you wait until it gets super dark out after sunset, the lights on the tower twinkle for five minutes on the hour. truly so magical.

we ate at a lot of random little cafe's and restaurants that i don't particularly recall, but honestly there are so many little hole in the wall places in paris, you're bound to find something! although a few places that stuck out were strada cafe (such a cute exterior), cafe pinson (this one's for all you vegans out there), and amorino (best vegan gelato everrrr). i also for some reason ate a lot of falafel whilst in paris, which was all fantastic!

ok i'm going to stop talking now & just share some photos!

paris, you have my heart. <3

london, england

#iendedupineurope...this is the hashtag david & i came up with for our two week european adventure. three countries spread across fifteen days, lots of new experiences, new friends in each place, and memories that will last a lifetime. 

i am splitting up the blog posts by country, because i have way too much i want to share! first up is england (london & brighton) with david & becca.

this was my first time heading this far east on the globe and may i just say, i am absolutely in awe. the rich history that is so visually evident in places like london and brighton, england is sure to capture the heart of just about anyone who visits! my absolute favorite part about london was just wandering around finding cute alleyways and ivy covered walls to shoot with! also, the accents. definitely a big fan of the accents. brighton, on the other hand, was so fun and beachy and reminded us soo much of the santa monica pier in california — seriously, such a resemblance! 

some of my favorite places we ate whilst in london were kin cafè (great avocado toast!), honest burger (try the rosemary chips!), farm girl cafe (such a cute aesthetic & again, great avo toast), and coppa club (really cool waterfront restaurant with a view of tower bridge...doesn't get any more london than that!). we only ate one meal in brighton as we only visited for the night, but we ate at this adorable little pizza place called pizza express. they even had vegan pizza, what a blessing! 

my favorite areas we explored in london were knotting hill & shoreditch. so cute and heart was so happy!

we also had the opportunity to partner with the st pancras hotel, which was literally a castle! it had such a cool vibe & definitely felt like hogwarts, for all you harry potter fans! also, it is attached to the main train station in london, so it's super convenient for travels and once again, literally feels like hogwarts (platform 9 & three quarters, anyone?). definitely recommend this hotel for a unique experience! also, the breakfast buffet in their chambers club is a 10/10. was truly the highlight of every day! haha!

all in all, england was everything i had ever hoped it would be. from the cobblestone streets, the trains out to the countryside, to the incredible fashion scene, i truly enjoyed my time here & i plan on going back as much as possible!

fall boots with teva

hello humans!

i hope you are all having a cozy day and enjoying fall at it's finest! this weekend Teva asked me to style their new De La Vina Dos Tall boots and share how i incorporate them into my daily fall look.

since it's a bit rainy here in portlandia, these boots work perfectly, being that they are super tall and waterproof (no wet socks here)! i love that they can handle the tough weather, but are still super cute and can be styled up for a day out on the town. for this outfit, i paired them with denim, a cozy knit sweater, and my favorite raincoat. couldn't ask for a better boot for coffee shop hangs & wandering the tree lined streets!

i also answered some questions over on their blog about my fall fashion taste, which you can read here!

that's all for now! stay comfy, stay cozy.

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shooting in the rain

this weekend my friend amelia is in town from california, so we've been running around doing all the stereotypical PNW autumn activities! from apple picking, coffee shop hopping, and dancing in the rain, we've been living our best fall lives. 

yesterday our friend caleb drove in from bend, oregon to hang out for the day and we decided to go on a little shooting adventure in the rain! below are a few images from this gorgeous little secret gem of a road...enjoy!

oh, and don't forget to go shoot in the rain every once in a while ;)

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