travel tacoma

this past week i was invited to visit tacoma, washington with travel tacoma, and was so blown away by all the beauty this little town in washington has to offer! tacoma is about forty minutes south of seattle, and definitely has it's own hidden gems throughout the city. thanks to travel tacoma, i was able to experience a ton in just a short period of time. below is a bit of a highlight reel from the trip! next time you're making your way through washington, definitely take a minute or two to stop by the adorable town of tacoma!



thank you again to travel tacoma for inviting me on this trip, i had the best time and can't wait to come back soon!

*although this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own! :)

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two days in banff national park

banff national park in alberta, canada has been on my bucket list basically since i was born, and about two weeks ago i decided to take a road trip there to spend two days in this magical land! now, a thirteen hour drive each way for a two day trip might seem a little crazy, but it was honestly so so worth it! between sleepless nights and chilly mornings, getting lost with no phone service and views so incredible they look like something out of a dream, banff national park was definitely one for the books! in case you are ever in alberta, some of our favorite places on the trip were moraine lake, peyto lake, emerald lake, johnston canyon, and the icelfields parkway! i'm not going to write too much on this one, so i'll just let the photos speak for themselves!

thank you to my friend aaron for making the trek with me and for taking such amazing photos! also thanks to my new friend melina for meeting up with us whilst there! can't wait to go back to banff ASAP! 

i'll leave you to photo scrolling now! but if you ever have the chance to go to banff national park, do it.

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how to travel on a budget

hello humans!

i hope you all have had a spectacular summer and are spending your final days squeezing in some last minute adventures! i know i have a ton of things i want to do before the season ends, and i can't wait to bring you guys along for the ride!

speaking of adventures, a question i am frequently asked is how i have money to travel and how i do it so often. the answer is, i budget. i don't travel luxuriously but i sure do make a lot of happy memories! that said, i decided to put together a little list of some tips and tricks for traveling on a budget. enjoy!

— pack food instead of eating out for every single meal. it's a little extra planning, but trust me, it'll save you so much money in the long run!

— travel with friends! the more people you have splitting things like gas and airbnb's and groceries, the more the cost will go down individually! also, it's way more fun that way! nothing better than piling six people into one hotel room & fighting over who has to sleep on the floor!

— if you're really feeling budget travel, camping is always an option and super inexpensive! it's also just a very grounding experience in general and allows you to live in the moment a little more.

— a common misconception is that travel activities cost a lot of money, but they really don't! going on hikes, taking photos, seeing pretty landscapes...alllll free! just be picky with your activities and you'll be set!

— this one is for all you photographers out there. going on a trip? put yourself out there! i always try to book a photo session when i'm on a trip to help offset or even cover the expenses. it's so cool that we can do what we love AND make money AND travel all at the same time. how neat!

— looking to travel long distance? watch out for cheap flight deals! nine times out of ten, if you see me booking some random international flight, it's because i found an incredibly inexpensive deal and i've been saving up. seriously, i have not paid more than $500 for a plane ticket to any country...ever. just gotta be on the lookout!

— shopping...just don't it. i'm kidding! (kinda). it can sometimes be hard to go to new places & want to buy new things or souvenirs, but if you're trying to save money, probably steer clear of shopping malls and tourists traps! i personally think photos and memories are way more valuable than material items...but that's just me! :) 

— another thing to consider is the destination. there are definitely cities and countries that are a bit more expensive than others. so if you're wanting to take it easy, maybe choose mexico over london or portland vs LA.

— how you live your daily life can also impact how much you travel. for example, i don't eat out a ton. i don't go to the movies or go shopping for new clothes often. those are all really fun things, but i think traveling to new places is even more of a thrilling experience. so by choosing to be a little more frugal on the day to day, you'll have a bit more wiggle room when it comes time to put your adventure shoes on. live how most people will not live in order to do what most people cannot do. ;)

ok, i could go on forever with these do's and don'ts, but the bottom line is, you don't need thousands of dollars to have a great experience or go somewhere new. whether you're half way across the world or exploring your own backyard, there are so many precious moments to be shared and memories to be made. if you want to see a little video of how i planned a budget travel weekend, you can view that below! 


until next time, keep on creating & living life to the fullest! oh, and maybe go on an adventure or two. ;)

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mount hood weekend getaway

hello humans! 

i hope your week has been off to a grand start! my days have been super busy, filled with lots of planning and emailing for future projects that i am sooo excited about! in the midst of all the business of life, i think it is so important to take a minute (or two) and step away from the hustle to simply just exist and enjoy. it is in these "in between" moments that i am able to recharge and be re-inspired by the world around me. 

this past weekend i decided i needed a little inspiration, so i booked an airbnb in the mountains, grabbed a few friends, and headed out to mount hood, oregon. the cool thing about this trip is that although we only went for about a day and a half, because we weren't worried about emailing and planning and all of those other tedious (yet oh so fun) daily tasks, we were able to pack in so much fun and relaxation that we left feeling super refreshed and creatively motived. that said, i wanted to share a few images i captured from the trip and hopefully encourage you guys to step away from the screens once in a while and explore this beautiful planet we live on. i promise you won't regret it!

until next time,

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let's talk about aesthetics

greetings earthlings!

if you haven't heard of nubko, you're missing out. it's a platform for creators of all different types to collaborate with one another to make great things! what a neat time! my friend and founder of nubko, zech, reached out and asked if i would write a little piece on aesthetics and how to keep up a pleasing instagram feed for the nubko blog. so i did some soul searching and here is what i've come up with! you can read the full piece riiiiight HERE. it includes some of my favorite photos i've ever taken too!

How Alivia Latimer Lives Her Aesthetic — And How You Can Too

until next time, keep on creating!

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