greetings, i’m alivia

i’m a photographer, wanderer, dreamer, and believer. my passions include avocados, toast, avocado toast, and hats. i really like hats! i’m on a mission to spread light + love…and eat avocados along the way. ethical living and sustainability are two topics very dear to my heart, and i hope that through my creations you are inspired to be a light in this world.

traveling breaths so much life into me, which is why i’ve started a travelogue, never going home. so take it slow and relax, or put on your adventure shoes — either way, i hope you enjoy my creations, tips, and writings, and of course enjoy this journey called life!

tape stuff.png

want to see more creations like this? i post YouTube videos on travel, photography, minimalism, freelancing, you name it, i’ll make it! click below to dive in!